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Electrical Code Violations

Worried your home or business might be in violation of electrical codes? Thomas Edison can put you at ease with an expert inspection.

Thomas Edison Electric can ensure your home or business is up-to-date and code-compliant. Many people attempt DIY electrical repair or installation, especially if they have some working knowledge in the area. But electrical codes are complex, and do-it-yourself efforts can do more harm than good. Failure to pass regional and local electrical inspections can decrease the value of your home, result in unsafe wiring, and put your family at risk.

Common Electrical Code Violations

The National Electrical Code is the standard for electrical wiring and equipment. Thomas Edison Electric is well-versed in complex electrical codes and can resolve any issues found during an inspection. Electrical checkups help keep you compliant with the law and safe from electrical hazards. Below, we look at some of the most common electrical code violations. 

Improperly Configured Panels

Breakers are made to match a specific wire size and load capacity. Sometimes, people attempt to replace a circuit breaker with a larger amperage breaker to resolve electrical overload. Unfortunately, this is an illegal violation of electrical codes and a fire hazard. 

Outdated Wiring

If your home was built before 1970, it could be in violation of electrical codes. As recently as a few decades ago, knob and tube wiring was seen as sophisticated and safe, but we now know better. Our trusted electricians can inspect your home to ensure it’s compliant and help you with an upgrade if necessary.

Overcrowding Wires

Too many wires running into your electrical box is called “overcrowding.” Because the wires rub against each other, the insulation becomes torn and frayed. As you can imagine, exposed wires lurking behind your walls pose a significant safety risk. They’re also an electrical code violation.

No Neutral Wires

Another common issue in older homes is the lack of neutral wires. Because neutral wires provide a safe route back to an electrical panel, the absence of neutral wires may violate the electrical code. A licensed electrician can install neutral wires to help make your home compliant and safe.

Not Enough Receptacles

National Electrical Code requires outlets roughly every twelve feet. Many homeowners rely on extension cords and power strips when there aren't enough receptacles. Unfortunately, extension cords aren’t designed to handle large amounts of electricity and don’t resolve this electrical code violation.

Electrical Checkups

Electrical failure or malfunction causes tens of thousands of home fires every year. An electrical safety checkup can help keep your home and family safe while ensuring compliance with all national electrical codes. The electricians at Thomas Edison specialize in safety checkups and can develop a solid strategy for making your home compliant.

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