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Home EV Charger Installation

Full charge ahead! Get the most out of your electric vehicle with professional home EV charger installation by Thomas Edison Electric’s skilled team.

Home with EV Charger installed

Home EV Charger Installation

Full charge ahead! Get the most out of your electric vehicle with professional home EV charger installation by Thomas Edison Electric’s skilled team.

Home with EV Charger installed

Home EV charging docks are convenient, cost-effective, and safe. Savvy electric vehicle owners agree: a home EV charging station is a must. Without one, you’ll probably become all too familiar with “range anxiety” – the dread of not knowing where or when you’ll find your next charge. 

Public EV Charging Problems

It’s not just you – public charging is pretty problematic. Most of these issues will likely be ironed out as charging networks grow. But we still have a long way to go for a seamless, consistent public charging experience.

Man waiting next to charging electric vehicle

Many Stations Don’t Work

Public charging stations are fast – when they work. Unfortunately, public charger maintenance issues don’t seem to be going away any time soon. Some stations refuse payment, some are disabled, and some mysteriously abort mid-charge. 

Apps are a Hassle

Every EV charging network has an app where drivers can activate and manage charging sessions. But if each public charging station has its own companion app, that’s a lot of downloading, waiting, and hoping every app works. 

Poor Driver Etiquette

When people are in a rush, they do funny things. Whether you’ll be laughing when someone unplugs your vehicle mid-charge is another question. Unfortunately, unplugging is common and can make public charging more trouble than it’s worth.

Safety Concerns

Let’s face it: night charging can be scary. And there’s even more cause for concern if a charging station is remote. Many EV drivers feel like sitting ducks – or worse – homing beacons for opportunistic criminals. 

Home EV Charging Station Benefits

Public charging leaves much to be desired, but home charging gives you complete control. The experts at Thomas Edison specialize in installing EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) that lets you home charge as quickly and safely as possible.

Electric car charging in garage

Convenient and Safe

Plugging in overnight is the easiest way to keep your EV charged. A home charging station is safe, convenient, and easy to use when installed by a professional. Plus, home charging stations are versatile, with power outputs to suit any passenger EV.

Better for Your Battery

Public charging stations get cars in and out quickly. While fast sounds ideal, speedy charging also means quicker battery degradation. An electrician can help you choose the right AC charger (Level 1 or 2) for your home EV power station.

Less Expensive

If you’ve ever used a public Level 3 DC fast-charging station, you've likely paid a premium rate for the quick charge. A home dock charges more slowly and lets you take advantage of off-peak hours when electricity is less expensive.

Boost Your Home’s Value

As more and more families invest in EVs, the demand for homes with built-in docks grows. If you decide to sell your house, your EVSE will boost your home’s appeal and value for a younger demographic committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

Common EV Home Charging Questions

Have questions about home EV charging installation? Thomas Edison has answers and intelligent solutions. Below are some of the inquiries we get most often. 

Electrician installing an EV charger in a home

Is it Worth Installing an EV Charger at Home?

If you’re an EV driver, you might be wondering whether home EV charger installation is worth the investment. The short answer is you can save time and money in the long run by accessing a charger from the comfort of your own home. 

Can I Install a Fast EV Charger at Home?

Level 3 DC fast chargers are for business and industrial use. But a home EV charging specialist can help you find the correct charger for your home setup. A Level 2 AC charger is your best and fastest option for home AC (alternating current) power.

What is the Procedure to Install EV Charging Stations?

Getting your very own home EV charging station is simple. First, call a certified Thomas Edison electrician. 

We’ll handle the rest:

  1. Conduct an in-home EV charging station evaluation

  2. Obtain the proper permits

  3. Confirm your electrical panel has space

  4. Purchase a suitable charger

  5. Professional installation 

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