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Electrical Panel Evaluations

Dealing with chronic electrical issues? Thomas Edison Electric offers electrical panel and circuitry evaluations to get to the root of your problems. 

A professional electrical panel evaluation can help resolve recurring electrical issues. Your electrical panel has a lot to say. Luckily, Thomas Edison speaks its language! We offer professional electrical panel evaluations so you can rest easy knowing your electrical system is running smoothly and safely.

Signs You Might Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Do you have aluminum wiring, warm electrical panels, or a home or business that was constructed more than twenty years ago? If so, you could need an electrical panel upgrade. Constant electrical issues mean it’s time for a professional to step in with an assessment and devise a strategy for moving forward safely. Luckily, Thomas Edison is in your corner. 

Blown Circuit Breakers and Fuses

You shouldn’t have to choose between drying your hair and drying your clothes, but many homes struggle to keep up with increasing electrical demand. Today, we use more appliances and devices than ever, creating an electrical strain that didn’t exist twenty years ago. If you have frequently blown circuit breakers and fuses, give Thomas Edison Electric a call. We’ll develop a solution with your convenience and safety in mind.

Sizzling Electrical Panel

A sizzling electrical panel is crying out for help. And you can add buzzing and sparking to the list of undesirable panel behaviors! These signs may indicate a severe electrical hazard and require immediate professional attention. Thomas Edison can help get to the bottom of your panel’s dysfunction and provide a much-needed upgrade.

Dimming and Flickering Lights

The good news is, flickering and dimming lights don’t mean your house is haunted. The bad news is, your home probably isn’t meeting your electrical demand. Lights that dim or flicker regularly are among the most common signs of broader electrical issues. An electrical panel evaluation will help us assess, diagnose, and troubleshoot to resolve your electrical woes. 

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Benefits of an Electrical Panel Evaluation

Having your electrical panel and circuitry inspected by a professional electrician can make all the difference. Thomas Edison can evaluate your current electrical system to determine if it is functioning optimally or posing a threat to both efficiency and safety. 

An electrical panel evaluation can help us understand whether you need an upgrade to achieve better service capacity, increased home value, and boosted safety and fire prevention. Whether you have dimming lights when appliances run, burning smells, or warm electrical panels, Thomas Edison can help. 

Why Thomas Edison Electric?

With Thomas Edison in your corner, you don’t have to face electrical problems alone. Our team will work tirelessly to ensure your peace of mind, any time of day or night. We have highly trained & licensed electricians available 24 hours, 7 days a week.


Our skilled professionals deliver safe, affordable, long-lasting electrical services.


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Transparent pricing means written quotes with no surprises.

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Homeowners and business owners trust Thomas Edison for our transparent quotes, on-time arrival, and 24-hour service. We cover everything from emergency electrical issues to home EV charging stations to house rewiring and upgrades.