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Dimming and Flickering Lights

Are you experiencing dimming or flickering lights? Thomas Edison offers prompt service and brilliant electrical solutions.

Don’t let dimming and flickering lights keep you in the dark. While dimming or flickering lights might not seem like a big deal, they can point to bigger issues with your electrical system. If you’ve ruled out simple or obvious causes, give Thomas Edison a call. We can help determine whether malfunctioning lights are a symptom of something greater.

Common Causes of Dimming or Flickering Lights

If the lights in your home or business frequently dim or flicker, you could have a significant electrical issue on your hands. Fortunately, the friendly folks at Thomas Edison Electric can help resolve dimming and flickering lights to restore safety and energy efficiency.

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Circuit Overload

Circuit breakers can only accommodate so much load from electrical devices and appliances. Overload can result in the breaker “tripping” or being “thrown.” In older buildings and homes or businesses with excessive electrical loads, we frequently see dimming and flickering lights due to circuit overload.

Outdated Connections

Electrical outlets can deteriorate over time, particularly with a higher load. In addition to dimming and flickering lights, outdated connections can cause:

  • Discolored switch plates and outlets

  • Outlets that are warm to the touch

  • Frequently tripped breakers

  • A burning smell from a specific appliance

Voltage Fluctuations

If you know how to check your voltage, see if it’s between 115V to 125V. If your reading is above 125V, you’re probably dealing with an excessive electrical load. This can cause your lights to dim and flicker constantly and create a potential safety hazard.

Loose Connections

Loose wires or connections can result in flickering lights or unexpected dimming. This sort of connection issue includes loose electrical outlets or bulbs, damaged wiring, bent electrical cord prongs, and more.

Easy Solutions for Dimming and Flickering Lights

If you’re experiencing dimming and flickering lights, there are a few simple fixes that might solve the problem. One of the following actions could resolve your electrical woes quickly and easily.

A hand tightening a loose light bulb

Tighten Loose Bulbs

It probably sounds obvious, but the simplest solution is sometimes the easiest to overlook. Turn the power off and screw the lightbulb in more tightly once it’s cooled. Remember, even recessed lights can come loose.

Upgrade Switches

Older dimmer switches made to accommodate incandescent bulbs aren’t a good match for LEDs. Check the ratings for your dimmer and bulbs to see if they’re compatible. Call us to upgrade your switch if necessary.

Try a Smart Bulb

A smart bulb can help eliminate the need for dimmers altogether. If you’re experiencing dimming or flickering with a dimmer switch, try using a smart bulb that allows you to dim the bulb directly.

Call Thomas Edison Electric

If the above quick fixes don’t do the trick, call your trusted local electrician. Thomas Edison will get someone out right away to get to the bottom of your dimming and flickering woes. We’ll assess your situation and go over options for resolving the issue.

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