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Smart Lighting for Home and Business

Thomas Edison Electric offers innovative smart lighting solutions for both homes and businesses. Smarten up your space today!

Go wireless for improved energy efficiency and optimal convenience. The future is here! We might not be on par with the Jetsons just yet, but wireless lighting lets us enjoy modern features like voice activation, automatic schedules, color variations, and more. The skilled electricians at Thomas Edison Electric can help with whole home or business lighting upgrades that make your life – and your electric bill – easier to manage.

Smart Home Benefits

Whether you’re upgrading your home or business, the benefits of going smart are numerous. While there’s an initial investment to consider, the long-term payoff is significant. From improved security to greater convenience to energy savings, wireless advantages abound. 

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Once you’ve spent a little time on a custom setup and schedule, you’ll be impressed by the overall convenience of wireless lighting. With smart features, you can take advantage of things like timers, automatic scheduling, voice activation, occupancy sensors, entertainment sync, and so much more. 

Energy Efficiency

One of the top reasons for going wireless is to boost energy efficiency. If your home or business is currently running on traditional bulbs, you’re at a disadvantage. When you upgrade to smart LEDs, you’re already taking an essential step toward maximizing your savings. Add to that the benefit of only using lights when and where you need them, and you’re looking at some powerful improvements in your consumption habits.

Lower Utility Bills

With improved energy efficiency naturally comes lower utility costs. Lighting accounts for around 15% of your energy use in the average home. That means that changes to your lighting system can considerably impact your bill. Smart home solutions lower utility costs in two ways: by integrating LEDs throughout your home or business and by making energy efficiency more effortless and convenient than ever.

Improved Security

There are several ways smart lighting can make your home or business more secure. If you have a system with a dedicated “away mode,” your lights will cycle on and off by themselves, making it appear that someone is there. If you want, you can also turn your lights off or on no matter where you are. You can also opt for motion-triggered outdoor lights, further deterring unwanted visitors.

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