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Thermal electrical troubleshooting tool being used outside a house

High-Tech Electrical Troubleshooting

From electrical shocks to tripping breakers, Thomas Edison Electric resolves complex electrical woes with high-tech electrical troubleshooting.

High-tech electrical troubleshooting identifies electrical problems quickly and safely. Electrical systems are dangerous and complex. If you have thrown breakers, an over-circuited panel, or unusually high electricity bills, high-tech electrical troubleshooting can help. Thomas Edison Electric is here 24 hours a day to perform professional electrical troubleshooting you can trust.

High-Tech Electrical Troubleshooting Tools

Electricians have many standard items in their toolboxes, including wire strippers, screwdrivers, flashlights, and more. But dealing with complex electrical systems also requires the use of high-tech gear. Below are some of the tools our electricians use to resolve high-tech electrical issues in homes and businesses. 

Electrician using a multimeter to test circuit breaker


A multimeter, also known as a volt/ohm meter or VOM, is an instrument used to measure multiple electrical properties. Your electrician can measure current, voltage, and resistance using a multimeter. Depending on the type, some multimeters have additional features, like measuring capacitance (the capability of an object to store an electrical charge) and temperature. 

Infrared Thermal Imaging Devices

Electricians use infrared scanning to confirm machinery is running correctly. Infrared thermal imaging devices detect an object’s heat, converting the heat into a digitally displayed temperature. By detecting abnormal heat patterns, this device helps assess whether machinery is deficient or inefficient, predicting failures and preventing costly downtime.

Inspection Cameras

With inspection cameras, an electrician can examine hard-to-reach areas or components. These cameras are sometimes called borescopes. They have a flexible shaft that can go places a person cannot. Once positioned, the camera “sees” the area in question, and so does your electrician – via the display screen. 

Common Electrical Problems

Just because an electrical problem is common doesn’t mean it’s harmless. Electrical issues can cause shocks, fires, and other hazardous conditions. If you see any of the following, contact Thomas Edison right away for a professional assessment. 

Electrical Surges

Defective appliances, faulty wiring, and lightning strikes can cause electrical surges. If you’re experiencing frequent surges, contact Thomas Edison today. High-tech electrical troubleshooting can help protect your home by assessing the need for surge protection. 

Tripping Breakers

It’s common to have a thrown breaker now and then. But if your breakers regularly cause you problems, give us a call. Circuit breakers help protect your home from potentially harmful power surges, so tripping breakers mean your electrical system needs inspection and maintenance.

Frequent Bulb Burnout

All bulbs eventually stop working. But if your bulbs are burning out faster and more frequently, there could be an underlying issue. Bad wiring or poor electrical connections might be the root cause of widespread bulb burnout in your home. 

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