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Lighting Safety Recommendations

Rest easy with lighting safety recommendations from Thomas Edison.

Electrician replacing or repairing an LED ceiling light panel

Lighting Safety Recommendations

Rest easy with lighting safety recommendations from Thomas Edison.

Electrician replacing or repairing an LED ceiling light panel

Well-lit spaces and up-to-date wiring and fixtures prevent injuries and enhance security. From brighter spaces to safer systems, we’re here to improve your lighting situation. Thomas Edison offers lighting recommendations, repairs, and installation to home and business owners to boost safety and security. Bright rooms and modern fixtures go a long way toward improving your well-being. 

Professional Lighting Recommendations

Thomas Edison offers lighting advice and services to enhance safety and efficiency, from energy-saving solutions to improved functionality to innovative ideas. Professional lighting recommendations, repair, and installation at home and work can improve security, save money, and create a more comfortable environment for everyone. 

Flickering or Dimming Lights

Lights that dim or flicker frequently are a safety concern. While occasional flickering may be nothing to worry about, consistent recurrences could indicate an overloaded circuit or bad wiring. Our skilled electricians troubleshoot and repair problems like these, so you don't have to worry.

LED Installation Enhances Safety

Switching to environmentally friendly LED bulbs is a savvy move for several reasons. In addition to their energy efficiency and longer life, LED bulbs improve safety, mitigating eye strain and injuries. Furthermore, LEDs are less likely to overheat than many traditional bulb types, lowering fire risk. 

Additionally, they’re far better than their alternatives. Halogen bulbs often contain heavy metals that are bad for you and the planet, and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) can emit toxic vapor and harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Smart Lighting for Safety and Functionality

Thomas Edison specializes in smart lighting solutions, including automatic scheduling and motion sensor outdoor lighting. Smart lighting optimizes convenience, improves energy efficiency, and elevates security for your home or business.

Our electricians can help you choose and install a smart lighting system that welcomes guests, deters thieves, and provides illumination when and where you need it.

Electrician tests lighting safety with a multimeter

Electrical Safety Inspections

Thomas Edison’s expert technicians can perform a general electrical safety inspection and make lighting recommendations for your home or business. Whether you’re concerned about old wiring, need to upgrade to LEDs, or want improved safety and security, we are here to help.

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