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Range, Dryer, and AC Outlets

High-powered appliances require special receptacles and circuits. We’ll install them for you.

Want safe and efficient appliances? You’ll need dedicated circuits and outlets. Chances are you don't give much thought to your range, dryer, and AC units. Instead, you expect these appliances to operate without issue when you need them. With properly installed and maintained specialty receptacles and wiring, you can enjoy safe, uninterrupted service from your appliances.

Dedicated Circuits and Specialized Outlets

Range, dryer, and AC outlets differ significantly from their standard counterparts. High-powered appliances require dedicated circuits with specialized receptacles to ensure safe and efficient operation. Attempting to power devices like these through regular outlets risks overloaded circuits and poses serious safety hazards. 

Thomas Edison Electric understands the unique electrical requirements of your appliances. Our team of experts can install dedicated circuits and the appropriate outlets for your range, dryer, and AC units. We'll ensure your devices receive the necessary power without compromising your electrical system's integrity.

Code Compliance

Kitchens typically contain power-hungry devices like ranges, refrigerators, microwaves, and garbage disposals. As such, most modern kitchens need four dedicated 20-amp circuits; larger kitchens may have up to seven. Ranges need a 220-volt outlet of their own.  

Laundry rooms should have at least two dedicated circuits (one for each the washer and dryer). The National Electrical Code requires 4-prong dryer outlets in all new home construction. Even if your home is older, consider an upgrade. 

Air conditioners are another appliance requiring special treatment. Very large central AC units may need a 50-amp circuit, while the smallest system could get by on 15 amps. For most homes, a 30-to-40-amp circuit might be appropriate.

Electrical codes are complicated. The experts at Thomas Edison can audit your existing systems and tell you what upgrades you might need.

Electrician's hand installing GFCI outlet

Avoiding Overloads and Hazards

Overloaded circuits and outlets can lead to electrical fires or damage your appliances. This is especially true with power-hungry devices like ranges, dryers, and air conditioners. Improperly installed or outdated outlets used for these appliances can also pose a significant risk, especially in older homes or businesses.

Thomas Edison can assess the condition of your existing specialty outlets and make any necessary upgrades to meet code. We prioritize your safety by ensuring your outlets are in excellent working condition, reducing the risk of electrical shocks, fires, or other hazards.

Efficiency and Convenience

Appropriate outlets improve the functionality of your appliances. When your range heats up quickly, your dryer finishes clothes faster, and your AC cools your space quickly, you'll save time and energy, leading to lower utility bills. 

At Thomas Edison Electric, we're not just about safety; we're also committed to making your daily life more convenient and cost-effective. Let our experienced electricians optimize your range, dryer, and AC outlets for peak performance.

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