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Man installing a transfer switch on the outside of a building

Transfer Switch Installation

Your generator needs a transfer switch. Our professional installation services keep you safe during an outage.

Thomas Edison installs transfer switches to protect your home or business during an outage. Transfer switch installation is best left to the professionals. Luckily, Thomas Edison Electric performs comprehensive electrical services you can trust, including various kinds of upgrades, installations, and inspections.

Transfer Switch Uses

Transfer switches are often used with backup generators. Industrial facilities, businesses, and homes with backup generators rely on transfer switches to safely maintain continued power in an outage. If you want to safeguard your home or business in all kinds of weather, contact Thomas Edison for transfer switch or backup generator installation.

Diagram showing how a transfer switch and generator work

Utility to Generator

For most homeowners and small businesses, the standard transfer switch setup consists of the electric service, or utility, and your standby generator. When your primary power source fails, a backup generator will safely and conveniently supply uninterrupted power to your home or business. Common causes of outages include lightning strikes and other severe weather events like blizzards. 

Dual Utility

Dual utility means an automatic transfer switch controls the power flow from two different utility services. This option can help you maintain power in case of a transformer issue, but it’s important to note that it can still lose power in severe weather. The skilled electricians at Thomas Edison can help you decide which transfer switch option is right for you.

Generator to Generator

The generator-to-generator setup means that dual generators provide power. This arrangement also requires an automatic transfer switch. Facilities in remote locations sometimes rely on generator-generator formats when utility power is unavailable. Because the automatic transfer switch alternates between the two generators, power is available 24/7. 

Backup Generator Services

Thomas Edison can help safeguard your home with professional backup generator installation, repair, and replacement. That way, you can continue using your alarms, computers, electrical appliances, and essential lighting in all kinds of weather.

Two electricians moving backup generator on a rolling cart

Generator Installation

Our licensed and insured electricians specialize in home backup generator installation. We’ll guide you every step of the way, from choosing the best equipment to pulling the proper permits to completing the professional installation. 

Generator Repair

Standby generators are generally quiet. Call us immediately if your backup generator is popping, sputtering, coughing, or smoking. These are all signs of potentially serious issues, and we offer 24/7 emergency repair services for your home backup generator.

Generator Replacement

A standby generator can last 25 - 40 years, depending on the quality, size, and how well it is maintained. If your backup generator is old or requires frequent repair, it might need to be replaced. Our electricians can inspect your generator and determine the best path forward. 

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