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Testing a transformer outdoors

Transformer Inspection and Testing

Transformer failure affects your entire power system. We offer transformer testing and inspections to keep you up and running.

Let the professionals test your transformer to ensure optimal performance. How can you know whether your transformer is functioning optimally? Put it to the test, of course! Professional transformer inspection and testing by Thomas Edison Electric helps you rest easy knowing your facility is running safely and smoothly.

Types of Transformer Tests

The skilled professionals at Thomas Edison Electric can perform various transformer inspections, including visual and mechanical inspections that check for component damage. We can look for signs of an overheating transformer and test for oil or nitrogen leaks. Whatever your unique concerns, we’ll apply our expert eye to your transformer to ensure safety and efficiency. 

Winding Resistance

Our skilled electricians use ohmmeters to ensure your transformer’s windings are connected and wired correctly. With this kind of test, we can assess transformer damage due to overloading, unfavorable environments, or poor design. Testing like this is critical because compromised operations can cause multiple electrical issues.

Turns Ratio

A turns ratio test checks the condition of a transformer’s core and windings. Tests like this help improve the stability and safety of your whole electrical system by ensuring your transformer functions as it should. This test is particularly important because the winding’s reliability is necessary for safe operation in the long term. 

Insulation Resistance

Insulation resistance testing checks the integrity of your transformer’s insulation, which starts aging as soon as it’s made. In addition to aging, temperature extremes can speed up deterioration, further weakening the insulation’s integrity and the transformer’s performance. 

Transformers and Energy Savings

By having your transformer professionally inspected and tested, you’re taking one more important step toward energy efficiency. When your transformer is working as it should, you can save both power and money. Our skilled electricians perform the above transformer tests and many more to help safeguard your home and business from electrical issues and hazards. 

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