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Electrical meter with amperage issues

Amperage Issues and Electrical Panel Upgrades

Dealing with hair-raising electrical issues? Thomas Edison Electric offers electrical panel upgrades that improve both safety and energy efficiency.

Amperage issues can make your home or business unsafe and uncomfortable. Circuit overloads occur when electrical wires transmit more amperage than your circuits can manage. Often, older electrical systems are no match for modern electrical appliances and technology. Thomas Edison Electric solves electrical panel upgrade issues 24/7 to keep your family or staff safe and help prevent electrocution.

Amperage Issues

Commonly referred to as "amps," amperage measures the current flowing through an electrical circuit. Issues arise because your home electrical system can only handle so much amperage. Several things can go wrong when your electrical circuit is pushed beyond capacity.

Hand holding a dangerous frayed cord

Electrical Shocks

Overloaded extension cords can cause electric shock, damaged or frayed cords, or broken electrical equipment. Whatever the source of an electrical shock, uncontrolled amperage issues could be the root of the problem.

Blown Circuit Breakers and Fuses

An overloaded electrical system can cause blown circuit breakers and fuses. Some homes – especially older ones – may require whole-house rewiring to handle the electrical load. Without an electrical panel upgrade, outdated electrical systems pose significant safety hazards.

Power Surges, Sags, and Dips

Power surges can happen because of outages, lightning strikes, or bad wiring. Look for these indicators of power surges:

What is a GFCI Outlet?

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) help protect against electrical shock. You can identify a GFCI outlet by the “test” and “reset” buttons. GFCIs also help prevent fires by monitoring electrical currents. If you’re experiencing electrical issues, call Thomas Edison to see if GFCIs can help improve your home’s safety.

Whole House Rewiring Benefits

When rewired, your home will be updated to the latest National Electrical Code (NEC), which requires GFCIs throughout the home. If circuits are added, your electrician will also install AFCIs (arc-fault circuit interrupters), which help protect people and property from hazardous arc faults.

GFCI outlet with test and reset

Safety and Fire Prevention

Improved safety is the most critical benefit of whole-home rewiring. Old wiring – like knob and tube – has no ground, making it a potential hazard. Rewiring updates your home to the latest code and adds GFCIs for maximum protection.

Upgraded Service Capacity

Your old wiring could be underpowering your electrical devices, wearing them out faster, or ruining them. Upgrading your service capacity means enjoying convenience and comfort while protecting your family, appliances, and equipment.

Increased Home and Business Value

Bringing your home or business up to code with modern wiring means lower insurance costs and higher property value. Safety and efficiency are top priorities for potential buyers, so an updated electrical system helps them purchase confidently.

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