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Dedicated circuits for stove and range

Dedicated Circuits

If your major appliances don’t have dedicated circuits, they can cause major electrical problems. Thomas Edison Electric can help!

Get dedicated circuits installed to ensure safety and energy efficiency. Quite a few common home appliances and pieces of equipment require dedicated circuits. That's because they use enough electricity to justify a circuit with its own breaker. Not using the recommended circuits could result in electrical hazards, issues, and even fires.

Dedicated Circuits for Your Home or Business

Without the proper circuits, you could experience breakers that won’t reset, buzzing sounds, flickering lights, or hot outlets and switches. If this sounds familiar, you might need additional dedicated circuits to handle the electrical load of your major appliances. Our skilled team can install dedicated circuits to help avoid blown breakers, overheated wires, and potential electric fires. 

What is a Dedicated Circuit?

A dedicated circuit is a circuit that supports a single outlet and has its own breaker. Dedicated circuits are usually 15 or 20 amps but can go as high as 50 amps, depending on what they’re powering. Dedicated circuits are vital because they help protect major appliances from electrical damage while also reducing the risk of electrocution and fires. If you’re currently operating large appliances with non-dedicated circuits, give Thomas Edison a call. 

Appliances that Use Dedicated Circuits

According to the National Electrical Code, these common household appliances require dedicated circuits:

  • Electric ranges

  • Large ovens

  • Refrigerators

  • Water heaters

  • Chest or standup freezers

  • Garbage disposals

  • Hot tubs and saunas

  • Washing machines and dryers

  • Heating and air conditioning units

Dedicated circuits are recommended for these appliances and many more to support optimal safety. If you have concerns about the safety of using non-dedicated circuits, call Thomas Edison today. Our team of licensed electricians is here to help your electrical system operate as smoothly and safely as possible. 

Professional Dedicated Circuit Installation

Thomas Edison Electric is here to help with any electrical issue or hazard. We can verify that you have sufficient dedicated circuits to support the major appliances in your home and keep your electrical system running smoothly. 

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Signs You Need More Dedicated Circuits

Dedicated circuits are essential for any home or business with major appliances. If you notice that you’re unable to use multiple appliances simultaneously, this could indicate that you need more dedicated circuits. For example, you might not be able to use your blow dryer without tripping a circuit. Or, your refrigerator might stop running when you plug another appliance into a specific kitchen outlet.

Dedicated Computer Circuitry

Most people have multiple devices plugged into a single outlet. Because several outlets feed into one circuit, each device or appliance adds to the “electrical noise” your computer experiences. Electrical noise consists of fluctuations in electric current, small power surges, and natural electricity cycles. This can cause operational problems for your computer, but dedicated circuits increase resistance to damaging surges and fluctuations.

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