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Replace Light Bulbs and Ballasts

If you’re looking to upgrade your business with energy-efficient, modern lighting solutions, Thomas Edison can help.

Replace outdated bulbs and ballasts for a fresh, energy-efficient upgrade. If your business relies on fluorescent, halogen, or incandescent bulbs to light the way, you might be overdue for an upgrade. The skilled electricians at Thomas Edison can bring your business up-to-date with modern lighting options that are kinder to the environment and your bottom line. 

Lighting Upgrades for Your Business

The right light bulbs can reduce costs and energy consumption, saving you both power and money. While replacing a bulb here or there is simple enough, lighting retrofits are best left to the professionals. Thomas Edison offers expert retrofitting or installation of energy-saving LEDs if the old styles no longer serve your business or your best interests. 

Fluorescent Tube Retrofits

You might recall the flickering of old fluorescent tube lighting. Or, maybe you just remember the headaches. Either way, the magnetic ballasts that caused the flickering have since been banned, and many people think fluorescent lights deserve the same fate. For example, Europeans are phasing out fluorescents due to their mercury content. Thomas Edison offers a variety of modern solutions, including retrofitting fluorescent fixtures with long-lasting, energy-efficient LED tubes.

Energy-Efficient LED Lamps

Replacing quart halogen, incandescent, or other lamps with LEDs is an innovative, intelligent upgrade. Depending on the fixture, the ballast may need to be removed to provide direct power to the lamp’s socket. Or, you can retrofit with lamps that don’t require a ballast, saving even more energy. No matter your situation, our licensed electricians can ensure everything goes smoothly as you transition to energy-saving LEDs. 

Universal Ballast Compatible LED Tubes

One of the newer LED tubes is the universal ballast-compatible version. This lighting option is compatible with both older magnetic ballasts and newer electronic ballasts. While older technology is surging in cost due to availability, LED options are becoming more and more affordable. If you need to replace light bulbs and ballasts, eliminate ballasts, or get professional retrofitting, there’s never been a better time to make the switch. 

Professional Lighting Installation for Home or Business

Thomas Edison Electric offers indoor and outdoor lighting installation, replacement, and repair. No matter your lighting goals, we can help refresh your space to make it more modern, stylish, and efficient. New lighting is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for energy-efficient, planet-friendly electrical solutions.  

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