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Large lightning strike over house with whole house surge protector

Whole-House Surge Protectors

Weather all life’s storms with professional whole-house or business surge protection solutions.

Surge protectors safeguard equipment from power surges and voltage spikes. Surge protection devices, or SPDs, protect your appliances and devices by providing a path for excess electricity. Thomas Edison Electric installs all kinds of surge protectors, including isolated power panels, network surge protectors, whole home surge protectors, and more. 

Benefits of Whole-House Surge Protectors

Power surges can inflict plenty of damage in an instant. They can also put your business, home, and family in danger. While most people associate power surges with lighting storms, many surge events originate from within the home. Thomas Edison Electric will verify your valuable devices and appliances are protected. 

Protect Gadgets, Appliances, and Devices

Whole-house surge protection guards vulnerable and valuable devices, appliances, and high-tech gadgets. Without this technology in place, a single surge can wipe out critical data, destroy high-end appliances, and damage your circuit board beyond repair.

Avoid Transient Surges

Transient surges typically come from inside your home or business. A high-powered air conditioner, laser printer, generator, or other equipment powering intermittently can cause a transient surge. Other reasons for transient surges include defective wiring and overloaded circuits. With a whole-house surge protector, you can rest easy.

Prevent Electrical Fires

Electrical surges can create hazardous conditions like sparks, overheating, and fires. Thomas Edison Electric helps to protect your home and business by checking for typical fire starters like faulty outlets, wiring issues, or aging appliances. Once these issues are addressed, professional surge protector installation offers extra protection against devastating electrical fires. 

Other Types of Surge Protectors

In addition to whole-house surge protectors, Thomas Edison installs:

  • Network surge protectors

  • Isolated power panels

  • Telephone/cable surge protectors

  • Lighting arrestors

  • Transient voltage suppressors

If you need surge protection for your home or business, our skilled electricians are well-versed in installing the above surge protectors and many more. We also specialize in backup generator installation to safeguard your family during power outages and severe storms.

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