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Outdoor Holiday Lighting Planning and Safety

Ready to get festive? Illuminate your home safely this holiday season.

Elevate your holiday celebrations with stunning decorations and lighting that spread the magic of the season. While the joy of this time of year is immeasurable, it's crucial to prioritize electrical safety for a worry-free holiday experience.

Planning Your Holiday Display

A little planning goes a long way when it comes to outdoor décor. Unlock the secrets to a dazzling yet safe holiday display with our expert advice.

Visualize and Measure

Before you start decorating, strategically plan where to put your lights. Take photos from the street for a neighbor's perspective. Map out your roofline, porch, windows, and yard. Note the distance to power sources and how much light pollution your display could cause.

Choose the Right Lights

Explore a wide range of options for outdoor holiday decor, from traditional incandescents to energy-efficient LEDs that last. Consider the power source you have to work with and how bright you want the display to be before purchasing lights.

Check Your Lights

Inspect your lights for damage or defects before installing. Swap out broken bulbs or damaged wires promptly. Ask an expert if the outlet you plan to use is rated for your planned decorations.

Ensuring Safety

There's nothing like the glitter of a holiday light display. Still, your well-being is far more critical than a great-looking, dangerous setup. Prioritize safety at every step with these tips.

Inspect Lights and Cords

Before use, scrutinize your lights and decorations for frayed wires or cracked sockets. Discard damaged items and use outdoor-rated extension cords exclusively. Ensure the extension cords or power strips you're using are fresh and can handle the load of your display.

Hand plugging in cord and getting shocked
A person plugging in a cord gets a large shock from their outlet

Use Outdoor Lights Safely

Ensure your lights are designed for outdoor use if decorating your exterior. They can withstand the elements far better than indoor lights. Using indoor lights outside is a fire and shock hazard. Always adhere to manufacturer guidelines for installation and maintenance instructions. 

Keep electrical decorations and cords away from moisture sources to prevent electrical shocks. If the cords get wet from snow or rain, wait to plug them in until they have dried. 

In addition, always switch off the power to your display elements before handling them to avoid electrical mishaps. Unplug lights from the outlet when not in use.

Choose the Right Equipment

Safeguard against electrical shocks with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets when using outdoor lights and decorations. Ask an electrician to install the proper outlet in your garage or another easy-to-access location. 

Prevent overheating and fires by avoiding overloading electrical outlets. Use extension cords and power strips with suitable load capacities. Ditch daisy-chained extension cords for a single, high-quality option. Ensure the cord is rated for indoor or outdoor use and has enough power capacity.

Mitigate Risk of Injury

Protect against tripping hazards and cord damage with cord clips or tape along walls and roofs. Use insulated clips or hooks to hang lights, avoiding nails or staples that could damage wiring. Fasten outdoor decorations securely to withstand heavy winds.

Conserve energy and reduce the chance of overheating and fires by turning off lights when not in use. Consider outdoor-rated smart plugs, timers, or remote-control plugs. 

Maintain a safe distance from curtains, furniture, and trees to prevent fire risks.

Additional Holiday Light Considerations

After the holidays, store decorations and lights in a dry, cool place. Avoid crumpling cords to extend their lifespan. 

If time is tight or the task seems daunting, enlist professional help from Thomas Edison Electric. We offer permanent holiday lighting solutions to eliminate the hassle.

Let Us Light Up Your Holidays!

With meticulous planning and unwavering dedication to safety, your holiday lighting installation can transform your home into a festive wonderland. These electrical safety tips will make your decorations shine and ensure a secure and joyful environment. 

For expert holiday lighting and decoration electrical services, contact Thomas Edison Electric. We're award-winning leaders in the electrical service industry, proudly serving Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Newtown, West Chester, and beyond. 

Whether it's an emergency or a planned installation, our qualified electricians are available 24/7. Illuminate your holidays with Thomas Edison Electric – your trusted partner for all your electrical needs. Schedule an appointment today!

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