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How to Install Holiday Icicle Lights

Icicle lights create a magical addition to your holiday décor when hung safely.

How to Install Holiday Icicle Lights

Icicle lights create a magical addition to your holiday décor when hung safely.

Icicle lights can turn your home into a winter wonderland for the holidays. However, it’s important to realize that putting up lights in wintry conditions or with the wrong electrical setup can be dangerous, however. Working with electricity while on a ladder can be precarious. Fortunately, if you follow the process for safely installing icicle lights, you can celebrate the holidays with peace of mind.

Materials Needed for Installing Icicle Lights

Planning to decorate your home with hanging lights this year? Before getting started on the installation, work on gathering the necessary materials.

Icicle Lights

Ensure that the lights you choose are suitable for outdoor use and in excellent working condition. Test the lights indoors prior to getting started with decorating.

Extension Cords

Opt for outdoor-rated cords that are long enough to reach the nearest outlet. If yours are more than a few years old, you may need to replace them.


Your ladder should be sturdy, capable of handling your weight, and tall enough to reach the roof safely. You’ll also need someone to spot you while you’re working at heights.

Safety Gear

Equip yourself with non-slip shoes, gloves, and, if possible, a harness for added security. If it’s cold outside when you’re installing the lights, don’t forget about a warm winter jacket and a hat, too. Skip the scarf while you’re climbing the ladder; it could be a trip or choking hazard.

Clips or Hooks

Use clips designed for outdoor use to attach the lights securely. This will save you the frustration of having to fix mid-string slippage in the middle of the winter.

Hand turning on smart outlet via app
Person turning on a smart outlet with the app on their phone

Timer or Smart Plug

Automate when the display turns on and off to save energy and increase the décor’s lifespan. Timers or smart plugs will also give you the flexibility to turn your lights on and off from anywhere.

GFCI Outlet Adapter

Prioritize electrical safety by using a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) adapter. If you lack GFCI outlets outdoors, consider having them installed for added safety.

Installing Icicle Lights

Once you’ve gathered your materials, it’s time to hang your holiday lights. If possible, set up your decorations on a nice day. The warmer, the better. Using a ladder in rain, excessive wind, or wintry weather is not ideal and can be quite dangerous. If it’s cold out, you can always work on planning first and do the actual installation another time.

Plan Your Layout

Before venturing outside, decide where you want to hang the icicle lights. Typically, people hang them along the eaves of the roof to create a charming dripping effect. Still, the sky is the limit. You can also display them along fences or railings, on light poles, or on greenery.

Safety First

Set up your ladder on a stable surface and position it at a safe angle. For added stability, it's always a great idea to have someone hold the ladder as you work.

Start at the Top

If you’ll be installing lights along your roofline, begin at the highest point of the roof. This is usually near the peak. This approach ensures a more natural-looking icicle effect.

Attach Clips or Hooks

Secure the lights along the eaves using clips or hooks, ensuring they are fastened tightly to prevent any accidental falls. Again, it’s best to use outdoor-rated clips or hangers.

Create a Draping Effect

Let the lights hang down naturally to replicate the look of icicles. Avoid pulling or stretching them too tightly, as this can cause damage.

Continue Downwards

Work your way down the roofline, attaching the lights in a staggered pattern to create a stunning cascade aesthetic.

Use Extension Cords Safely

If you need extension cords or power strips, ensure they are outdoor-rated and in good condition. Keep them away from walkways to prevent tripping hazards. Wrap all cords with bright-colored flagging, or use driveway markers to indicate where cords might present a danger to those walking outdoors. 

Check for Safety Hazards

Once the lights are installed, conduct a thorough safety check for potential hazards, such as exposed wires or loose clips.

Consider Wind and Water

If you live in a windy area, icicle lights might get blown into uncovered gutters. This can damage your light display and prevent your drainage system from working correctly. In addition, water coming down from gutters can cause a risk of electrocution. Consider installing gutter covers to prevent this issue.

Maintenance and Removal

Periodically check the lights for any issues, especially after instances of harsh weather. When it's time to remove the display for the season, do so carefully to avoid damaging the lights or your roof.

Prioritize Safety and Magic in Your Holiday Decor

Remember, safety should always be your top priority when installing holiday lights. If you're uncomfortable with heights or the pitch of your roof, consider enlisting the help of a professional or someone experienced in this type of installation.

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